Bryan Phelps, a fan of the word keen
As the VP of Search for OrangeSoda, Alex completely created and refined a process for providing SEO to small and medium sized businesses in a way that had never been done before. In addition to his expert SEM knowledge, Alex is a fantastic Manager. I’ve worked for him at two different companies and would do so in the future if the opportunity arises. Alex has a keen sense for business and Internet strategies. He would be an invaluable addition to any company.
Bryan Phelps, a fan of the word keen Big Leap Web
I’ve worked with Alex for a long time now. He is one of the easiest people to work with I’ve ever known. He is always eager to help and offers great insights into complicated problems. Our company is full of smart people, but when it comes to search engine optimization Alex is the smartest. He just plain knows his stuff. He also has a great sense of humor. Awesome guy.
Matt Connelly Harvard and MIT Alumnus
Alex does a great job of recognizing the strengths of those he manages and harnesses those strengths into productivity. He cares about those he manages and tries to help them be successful at whatever tasks/responsibilities/ventures they pursue. A great guy…
Brad Ross Successful Marketer


ATTENTION: If you are looking for Alex McArthur from the movie Desperado or the Papa Don’t Preach video you’ve come to the wrong place. You can indulge yourself in his fan site at AlexMcArthur dot org (ok…so the link to his site doesn’t really go to his site – I think it died a while back anyway).

Who am I?
Name: Alex McArthur, in case the domain didn’t give it away.
About: Check out my bucket list or places I’ve been for more info.
Hobbies: Anything internet related (search engine marketing, web design, content management systems, web analytics, etc.), acoustic guitar, traveling/outdoors, being a family man
What makes me unique: I have as much gray hair on my head as black at the young age of 34.  I often get mistaken for Taylor Hicks.

Where have I lived?
Born in North Carolina
Czech Republic

I’m always looking for web dev or internet marketing projects to work on. I can assure you that my rates are much lower than most as I love the challenge and enjoy the work. Check out my Utah internet marketing company for some examples of my work. My resume is also available here.

*Alex speaks only for himself, and especially doesn’t speak for any person or entity writing him a check (you are welcome to join the list).  In other words, views of the author do not represent current or previous employers, unless they ask me too.  And that would suck because I’d have to rewrite this and I kind of like it.