Business Cards Are Dead, Right?

Posted by on Sep 2, 2011 in Blog, Business

If you were on your way to a business meeting or conference 10 years ago what would you take with you? It was common to print out some information such as a meeting agenda, directions or miscellaneous notes. You’d probably grab a notepad and a pen. And, last but not least, you’d put a handful of business cards in your pocket.

I doubt you grab the same things now. There aren’t as many notepads floating around anymore. The majority of people I associate with in the business world have gone completely digital. Notes are taken on a laptop, tablet or even the occasional phone note app (it’s an 84.5% chance mobile note takers are also texting addicts – there’s nothing like making up a statistic). I’ll admit I do work with some that are an exception to this rule, but I don’t get it. Why waste the time to transfer notes to your computer? Agendas and notes can be brought up on your computer, along with most anything you’ll need for a business function such as presentations, charts, etc. What about the classic business card?

Although many have tried to invent an alternative solution, the business card is still something that everyone carries. Yes, we are all on LinkedIn and that is a modern form of business card / professional bio. Yes, there are apps such as Bump that claim to be the future. Seriously though, have you actually asked someone to Bump business cards with you in a professional setting? “Bump me?”. I’ll pass on asking that question. I’ve never seen a successful card Bump. Yes, there are social business cards that are catching on such as TwtBizCard, but the fact is that you still carry a business card.

Do you think business cards will last another decade?
I think people will continue to create new technology replacements, but that the business card is as important as a handshake. You?

What does your business card say about you?
That I’m a company man. I wish my cards were more unique and reflected more of my personality. Anyone have an especially unique business card?

Other things to consider:
Do you get all the design upgrades or do you buy the cheapest, flimsiest card available?

Do you care when people give you an oddly shaped card that doesn’t fit within your stack of cards?

Do you just slide a few cards in your wallet or do you have a card case? If so, what kind? I’m in the market.

Here are some of unique ideas if you are on the hunt for new business cards (sponsor).