Google Wave + WordPress Plugin Test

Posted on Nov 3, 2009

[wave id=”w%252BSmI-kyYOA”]

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Links Popping Up in Google Suggest

Posted on May 28, 2009

Ok, so I’m an awful blogger. I’m making myself write a post no matter how uninteresting it is just to get myself kick started. < - great example of how not to keep your readers interested in reading on. I'm a big fan of the suggestions that pop up in most search engines when you start typing. It's a great feature that should have been implemented a few years ago. Surprisingly, Google was especially slow to adopt search suggestions, but as usual they did it a little better (by including an estimated search count, etc). Sadly, rumor has it that search count won't be published...

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Utah SEO, Bryan Phelps and Paid Links

Posted on Aug 8, 2007

Bryan Phelps has ranked #1 for “utah seo” for the past few days. He recently posted about it and seems to be surprised by the results. Obviously this isn’t some huge dent in the internet marketing world as the search phrase barely gets any traffic. And that limited traffic is most likely composed of others in the field, but it’s still interesting to discuss. Bryan’s site was started early 2007. He posted about random topics early on. Then, about a month ago he changed his title to “utah seo specialist” and was able to acquire some links. Now for...

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Do you have a question for Matt Cutts?

Posted on Jun 3, 2007

I’m looking forward to attending SMX Advanced on Monday and Tuesday. I was just looking through the agenda and realized Matt Cutts will be offering a Q&A. According to the who’s coming list there’s a limited amount of SMX Advanced attendees so I could actually squeeze in a few questions. I know I’ve had countless questions for the guy in the past, but I’m drawing blanks at the moment. If you’ve got some questions shoot me an email. I’ll post some notes after the conference. It appears SMX Advanced tickets are sold out, but SMX general Expo...

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2006 Search Engine Market Shares

Posted on Apr 11, 2007

Google 49.93% Yahoo! Web Sites 12.21% Google U.K. 9.50% MSN 6.89% Google AdSense for Content 3.31% Google Canada 3.28% AOL 1.47% Ask 1.17% Google Germany 1.02% Yahoo! Web Sites U.K. 0.95% MSN U.K. 0.91% AOL U.K. 0.71% Google Italy 0.62% Google India 0.60% Dogpile 0.57% Google France 0.52% Google Spain 0.49% Google Netherlands 0.39% Google Sweden 0.33% Google Venezuela 0.32% Google Ireland 0.29% Google New Zealand 0.25% AltaVista 0.24% Google Belgium 0.23% MSN Australia 0.21% Froogle 0.20% Google Poland 0.20% Yahoo! Web Sites Canada...

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Google Bookmarks in Personalized Serps

Posted on Mar 2, 2007

I noticed “search history” placed in the serps today. This may have been around for a week or months, however, I haven’t come across any news on the subject. Long story…but, I login to my google account on one machine while performing searches on another so I don’t notice many changes to personalized search. Take a look at this image. The HTML tips (mouseover text) show the link from “companies-of-interest” directing to Interestingly enough,...

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