Search Engine Marketing

Not so Daily Searchcast

Posted on Jan 26, 2007

I’m a fan of the Daily Searchcast with Danny Sullivan, but I have a gripe. IT’S NOT DAILY! Oh, and while I’m in the mood to complain please prohibit Bruce Clay from advertising more than once a year on the podcast. Their ads nearly explode my speakers.

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How did you become an SEO?

Posted on Jan 8, 2007

Check out these 10 steps to becoming an SEO. Hilarious.

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Review Me

Posted on Nov 13, 2006

Many of us, including myself, have our collection of blogs that we read each day. I nearly feel sick if I don’t know what’s going on with my favorite “reads” each day. If you are reading this chances are you know that feeling all too well. As always, rapid growth invites innovation. Savvy entreprenuers continue to find ways to monetize this buzz industry. The folks at ReviewMe were the latest to catch my eye. ReviewMe offers solutions for publishers to make an income off their creative blog posts and advertisers to find a new marketing source. New businesses...

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Quality Search Engine Marketing Blogs

Posted on Jul 31, 2006

Over the past few years I’ve become addicted to reading my list of blogs each morning. The majority of these blogs are related to internet marketing and search engine optimization. I’ve compiled quite a list of the top blogs in the industry (I’ll get around to posting the list one of these days), but I’ve also found some blogs that aren’t so well known of significant value. Apogee Search Marketing Blog is one of those. More to come soon…

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Trusted Search Engine Marketing Resources

Posted on Apr 19, 2006

For those of you into SEO you are all to familiar with the various perspectives on the subject. I’ve decided to start building a trusted list of SEO resources and would appreciate other takes. seomoz – This site is my personal favorite. These guys take a refreshing approach to the industry. Cre8asiteForums – A longtime favorite among many SEOs. SearchEngineWatch added 4/20/2006 – Matt Cutts – Whether planned or not, Matt has become an authority in the search industry. He was one of the first google employees and has a knack for “leaking”...

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Google Employee Blogs

Posted on Dec 28, 2005

Search engine optimization continues to be something I enjoy. While the big G is on top I find myself trying to get the inside scoop on the future of google by reading employee blogs. I plan on adding to the following list regularly. Matt Cutts – Engineer Nelson Minar – Engineer, his blog is available here Tan Chade-Meng – Engineer Wesley Chan – Product Manager/Staff Photographer added 12/29/2005 Adam Bosworth added 12/29/2005 Ben Goodger – Engineer, Firefox added 1/3/2006 Bob Lee added 1/3/2006 C├ędric Beust added 1/3/2006 Bret Taylor added 5/18/2006 Chris...

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