Could this be the beginnings of an online office suite?

Posted on Jun 6, 2006

Google now has a sneak peak available for their new web-based spreadsheet solution. The screenshots to dive too far into the feature set, but it does appear to be somewhat comprehensive. Take a look for yourself.

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Posted on Dec 19, 2005

I posted on MyDataBook recently so I felt I should inform anyone considering an install that MDB2 has been released. You can check out the demo here (change log is also available). It’s a very useful tool if you like to manage your life online. However, I must warn you that it has no Outlook integration. Some of the new features include recurring reminders and events, customizable fields, and a much improved interface. If you have any more questions about the script or need help installing it let me know. Check out a screenshot. Updated 1/3/2005 – It would appear I need to do...

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Online Spreadsheet Tool

Posted on Dec 8, 2005

Have you heard of NumSum yet? It is a simple online spreadsheet tool. To be completely honest it lacks many features, but the project appears to be on the right track. Another hinderance is that from my understanding every spreadsheet built on numsum is publically available. UPDATE – After reviewing the site it appears they are building a more advanced version that will be available for a fee. This version has no published release date. I’ve heard rumors that the Sun and Google relationship could result in a free online office suite. More on this available here. ...

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