I’m lost

Posted on Dec 16, 2005

Throughout my life I have enjoyed mocking those who have a tv series they just can’t miss. You know the type. In their minds everything can be related to “the show” and they plan their schedule around it. Sadly, the mocker has become the mockee (lol…I grew up in the south so please forgive my spelling). Lost has become the show for me. Is the story line way over the top, bordering ludicrous? Of course, but for some strange reason I enjoy it. I guess it goes back to Lord of the Flies which was one of my favorite books growing up. I’ve even reached the point...

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Portal Content Organization

Posted on Dec 13, 2005

I’ve made significant progress with Utahn.com the past few days. Most of the functionality is in place. So…now it’s time to work on the content structure. Most of my contract web projects are portfolio or small business sites so I lack experience organizing larger amounts of content. I’ve done some google searchs for content organization but can’t seem to find any useful advice. I guess I’ll just have to sit down and start organizing a hierarchy in excel and go from there. I’ll post any useful links I come across on the topic...

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Quote #2

Posted on Dec 7, 2005

Truth is an absolute which exists independent of perception. – James Loveland, founder & former CEO of Xactware

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Need to bump your search engine results?

Posted on Nov 21, 2005

Search engine marketing has continued to be a hot topic over the past few years and won’t be slowing anytime soon. I come across tips and discussions constantly on page rank, reciprocal links, and back link strategies. What does it all mean and what should be given precedence? SEO Misunderstandings I’ve improved my search engine results and now I can call it a day. Wrong. If you are committed to remaining at the top it is a never ending process. Internet marketing practices must be ever present in your plans for a successful online presence. This means monies should be...

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Welcome to my blog

Posted on Nov 17, 2005

I’d like to welcome those that find their way here. This domain has been around for some time, but only had one page and little content. I’ve decided to use this space to blog my thoughts and news about some of my current projects. …hope you find something of interest.

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