Google Employee Blogs

Posted by on Dec 28, 2005 in Blog, Business, Google, Internet, Search Engine Marketing

Search engine optimization continues to be something I enjoy. While the big G is on top I find myself trying to get the inside scoop on the future of google by reading employee blogs. I plan on adding to the following list regularly.

  1. Matt Cutts – Engineer
  2. Nelson Minar – Engineer, his blog is available here
  3. Tan Chade-Meng – Engineer
  4. Wesley Chan – Product Manager/Staff Photographer
  5. added 12/29/2005 Adam Bosworth
  6. added 12/29/2005 Ben Goodger – Engineer, Firefox
  7. added 1/3/2006 Bob Lee
  8. added 1/3/2006 C├ędric Beust
  9. added 1/3/2006 Bret Taylor
  10. added 5/18/2006 Chris Wetherell