Google reveals it’s pet name on Valentine’s Day

Posted on Feb 14, 2007

Check out Google’s Valentine’s day logo. If my wife had a pet name for me I definitely wouldn’t tell millions of people. Way to let it slip Big G. Is this a misspelling or an attempt to be cute with a pet name? I’m not sure if the strawberry stem is meant to represent the “L” or not.

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A Step Forward For Personalized Search

Posted on Feb 1, 2007

Many have been trying to predict what effect social bookmarks would have on search. Yahoo acquired peaking some interest and now Google has released some insite into how Google Bookmarks will influence search. When you’re signed in to Google Accounts, you’ll now get more relevant, useful search results, recommendations and other personalized features. For example, if you use Google Bookmarks or Google Search History, you’ll get more targeted web search results and recommendations for videos or gadgets. You can easily access these recommendations by adding the...

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Google Isn’t Funny

Posted on Jul 20, 2006

Does anyone else remember Google’s April Fool’s joke back in 2002? I remember reading it years back and not finding it funny. You can view it here: Google’s Pigeonrank, April Fool’s Day Joke I just spent some time reviewing some things on G’s site. I periodically do this to look for new tools and came across this joke. After reading it years later I decided it still isn’t funny. Now don’t get me wrong…I use google daily, but this attempt at humor doesn’t get better with age.

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Could this be the beginnings of an online office suite?

Posted on Jun 6, 2006

Google now has a sneak peak available for their new web-based spreadsheet solution. The screenshots to dive too far into the feature set, but it does appear to be somewhat comprehensive. Take a look for yourself.

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Google Employee Blogs

Posted on Dec 28, 2005

Search engine optimization continues to be something I enjoy. While the big G is on top I find myself trying to get the inside scoop on the future of google by reading employee blogs. I plan on adding to the following list regularly. Matt Cutts – Engineer Nelson Minar – Engineer, his blog is available here Tan Chade-Meng – Engineer Wesley Chan – Product Manager/Staff Photographer added 12/29/2005 Adam Bosworth added 12/29/2005 Ben Goodger – Engineer, Firefox added 1/3/2006 Bob Lee added 1/3/2006 C├ędric Beust added 1/3/2006 Bret Taylor added 5/18/2006 Chris...

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Movin’ On Up

Posted on Dec 13, 2005

Great news for those of you following my attempts to surpass Alex McArthur the actor in SERPs (search engine result pages). About 2 months ago this domain was floating around the 10th page for search results on “Alex McArthur”. At the time consisted of one static page with very limited content. I’ve since turned this site into a blog with SEO friendly pages and it quickly jumped to number 2 on most search engines. Also, I took some time to submit to numerous directories and acquire a handful of linkbacks. It will be interesting to see what this sites PR...

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