Links Popping Up in Google Suggest

Posted by on May 28, 2009 in Blog, Google


Ok, so I’m an awful blogger. I’m making myself write a post no matter how uninteresting it is just to get myself kick started. < - great example of how not to keep your readers interested in reading on. I'm a big fan of the suggestions that pop up in most search engines when you start typing. It's a great feature that should have been implemented a few years ago. Surprisingly, Google was especially slow to adopt search suggestions, but as usual they did it a little better (by including an estimated search count, etc). Sadly, rumor has it that search count won't be published much longer (it's not in the screenshot). One thing that did catch my attention was when highlighted links started showing up at the top for certain queries. At first I thought it was a new form of monetization they were testing out, but these links aren't ads. Google is trying to point you to a specific domain if your query leads them to think you are looking for a specific website. So as evident in the my screenshot Google's best guess for the search "lime" is Check out this Search Engine Land article for info.