Review Me

Posted by on Nov 13, 2006 in Blog, Business, Internet, Search Engine Marketing

Many of us, including myself, have our collection of blogs that we read each day. I nearly feel sick if I don’t know what’s going on with my favorite “reads” each day. If you are reading this chances are you know that feeling all too well. As always, rapid growth invites innovation. Savvy entreprenuers continue to find ways to monetize this buzz industry. The folks at ReviewMe were the latest to catch my eye.

ReviewMe offers solutions for publishers to make an income off their creative blog posts and advertisers to find a new marketing source. New businesses attempting to build an online awareness of their products will find this especially useful. One other perk that comes to mind involves the continued decrease of ad click throughs. Web users are becoming more and more familiar with the look and feel of contextual advertising and avoiding it. ReviewMe helps advertisers place content contributed by unique publishers in the main body of websites.

Although the list of new, hip contextual advertisers is extensive, I imagine we will see ReviewMe around for some time. I’ve tried these guys out and only have good things to say about them and gladly give my endorement.

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