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Ban That!

Posted on Feb 26, 2007

Yeah, my widgets are getting out of control, but most of my readers use RSS apps anyway. Aren’t crazy amounts of plugins half the fun of blogging? My latest site “enhancement” is my Ban That widget you can see on the top of my sidebar. It’s a fun site to tell the world about things you hate and why.

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Review Me

Posted on Nov 13, 2006

Many of us, including myself, have our collection of blogs that we read each day. I nearly feel sick if I don’t know what’s going on with my favorite “reads” each day. If you are reading this chances are you know that feeling all too well. As always, rapid growth invites innovation. Savvy entreprenuers continue to find ways to monetize this buzz industry. The folks at ReviewMe were the latest to catch my eye. ReviewMe offers solutions for publishers to make an income off their creative blog posts and advertisers to find a new marketing source. New businesses...

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Quality Search Engine Marketing Blogs

Posted on Jul 31, 2006

Over the past few years I’ve become addicted to reading my list of blogs each morning. The majority of these blogs are related to internet marketing and search engine optimization. I’ve compiled quite a list of the top blogs in the industry (I’ll get around to posting the list one of these days), but I’ve also found some blogs that aren’t so well known of significant value. Apogee Search Marketing Blog is one of those. More to come soon…

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Token Blog Post

Posted on Mar 20, 2006

Yes, I’m about to make the most common mistake a blogger can make…apologizing for a lack of posting. It’s been a long time since I’ve even visited this domain. I’ll be completely honest. My absense is due to complete laziness, not being overly busy. Anyhoo…click on this image to be slightly entertained. Why can’t I resist a dare?

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Movin’ On Up

Posted on Dec 13, 2005

Great news for those of you following my attempts to surpass Alex McArthur the actor in SERPs (search engine result pages). About 2 months ago this domain was floating around the 10th page for search results on “Alex McArthur”. At the time consisted of one static page with very limited content. I’ve since turned this site into a blog with SEO friendly pages and it quickly jumped to number 2 on most search engines. Also, I took some time to submit to numerous directories and acquire a handful of linkbacks. It will be interesting to see what this sites PR...

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