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Utah Business Blogs

Posted on Nov 30, 2005

I enjoy reading many local Utah business blogs. Here’s a list of the ones I’d recommend. Feel free to add yours in the comments and I’ll add it to the list when I find the time. Paul Allen’s Blog – Actually, I’ve been reading this one for some time. Paul has a history of success and continues to start new ventures. Cameron Moll – Marketing guru Phil Windley – Former CIO of Utah added 12/8/2005 – Utah tech recruiter blog. added 12/20/2005 Jona’s Blog – Yeah, work from home John Jonas…that’s me. added...

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Posted on Nov 25, 2005

I picked up Web Analytics Demystified by Eric Peterson the other day. This book came highly recommended and although I have not yet completed it, I strongly advise it to anyone interested in the field. I believe web analytics is a field that is mistakenly overlooked by small and mid-sized companies. Many businesses pay big bucks for search engine marketing. However, they have no plan once a visitor has entered the site. MidScape has recenly added web analytics services and can improve your ROI success. *More to come on web analytics as I come across topics of...

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What to do with SwapWay?

Posted on Nov 22, 2005

Within the past year I acquired the domain I just happened to come across it and liked it’s potential so I grabbed it. The name gives the impression of some sort of trading site so at the moment I am comtemplating that. However, I am open to any ideas. Do you have anything in mind? Name Recognition: I have come across numerous trading sites in my searches, but there are none marketed well enough to dominate the market (*Maybe this is a clue that there is no market whatsoever). Personally, I think SwapWay is a marketable name that is easily remembered. Would you...

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Need to bump your search engine results?

Posted on Nov 21, 2005

Search engine marketing has continued to be a hot topic over the past few years and won’t be slowing anytime soon. I come across tips and discussions constantly on page rank, reciprocal links, and back link strategies. What does it all mean and what should be given precedence? SEO Misunderstandings I’ve improved my search engine results and now I can call it a day. Wrong. If you are committed to remaining at the top it is a never ending process. Internet marketing practices must be ever present in your plans for a successful online presence. This means monies should be...

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