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Google Bookmarks in Personalized Serps

Posted on Mar 2, 2007

I noticed “search history” placed in the serps today. This may have been around for a week or months, however, I haven’t come across any news on the subject. Long story…but, I login to my google account on one machine while performing searches on another so I don’t notice many changes to personalized search. Take a look at this image. The HTML tips (mouseover text) show the link from “companies-of-interest” directing to Interestingly enough,...

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Ban That!

Posted on Feb 26, 2007

Yeah, my widgets are getting out of control, but most of my readers use RSS apps anyway. Aren’t crazy amounts of plugins half the fun of blogging? My latest site “enhancement” is my Ban That widget you can see on the top of my sidebar. It’s a fun site to tell the world about things you hate and why.

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Google reveals it’s pet name on Valentine’s Day

Posted on Feb 14, 2007

Check out Google’s Valentine’s day logo. If my wife had a pet name for me I definitely wouldn’t tell millions of people. Way to let it slip Big G. Is this a misspelling or an attempt to be cute with a pet name? I’m not sure if the strawberry stem is meant to represent the “L” or not.

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Not so Daily Searchcast

Posted on Jan 26, 2007

I’m a fan of the Daily Searchcast with Danny Sullivan, but I have a gripe. IT’S NOT DAILY! Oh, and while I’m in the mood to complain please prohibit Bruce Clay from advertising more than once a year on the podcast. Their ads nearly explode my speakers.

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Who’s the nerd now?!

Posted on Jan 25, 2007

In the 80’s there were Star Wars/Star Trek nerds. In the 90’s the computer programmer nerds began to take over. Now what? Where is the next generation? Did Nerds finally build the time machine or warp beam that would free them from this world? According to some research (my highly tuned skill of observation) I’ve come to a more realistic conclusion. THEY ARE AMONG US. WE ARE THEM. Nerdom has evolved and dare I say become cool. Knowing the latest websites or how to program a functional website or app won’t get you stuffed in a locker anymore. In the entertainment...

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