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Google Bookmarks in Personalized Serps

Posted on Mar 2, 2007

I noticed “search history” placed in the serps today. This may have been around for a week or months, however, I haven’t come across any news on the subject. Long story…but, I login to my google account on one machine while performing searches on another so I don’t notice many changes to personalized search. Take a look at this image. The HTML tips (mouseover text) show the link from “companies-of-interest” directing to Interestingly enough,...

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How did you become an SEO?

Posted on Jan 8, 2007

Check out these 10 steps to becoming an SEO. Hilarious.

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Trusted Search Engine Marketing Resources

Posted on Apr 19, 2006

For those of you into SEO you are all to familiar with the various perspectives on the subject. I’ve decided to start building a trusted list of SEO resources and would appreciate other takes. seomoz – This site is my personal favorite. These guys take a refreshing approach to the industry. Cre8asiteForums – A longtime favorite among many SEOs. SearchEngineWatch added 4/20/2006 – Matt Cutts – Whether planned or not, Matt has become an authority in the search industry. He was one of the first google employees and has a knack for “leaking”...

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Movin’ On Up

Posted on Dec 13, 2005

Great news for those of you following my attempts to surpass Alex McArthur the actor in SERPs (search engine result pages). About 2 months ago this domain was floating around the 10th page for search results on “Alex McArthur”. At the time consisted of one static page with very limited content. I’ve since turned this site into a blog with SEO friendly pages and it quickly jumped to number 2 on most search engines. Also, I took some time to submit to numerous directories and acquire a handful of linkbacks. It will be interesting to see what this sites PR...

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