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Second Time Around

Posted on Jan 9, 2006

I watched the BYU-Utah game again last night to take a closer look at the youth on the team. It was an exciting win for the program. We don’t get those often enough in the current state of the program so I was forced to rev up my handy DVR. A few of my impressions: 1) Maybe the Cougs should play 2 games in 3 days more often. It seemed that Coach Rose was preparing cougar nation for a loss by publically stating his displeasure towards the leagues scheduling. I sometimes wonder if athletes are over-prepped prior to competition. 2) Rose is making the right choice by playing his...

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Meeting with Cal in Vegas

Posted on Dec 5, 2005

The bowl plans for the cougars are finally complete. For the first time since 2001 BYU is going bowling. The opposing team is the Cal Bears of the Pac 10. If I remember correctly Cal was highly ranked in the preseason. They’ve had a few slip ups and completed the season at 7-4. Although BYU has a similar record I don’t know how likely a victory is considering our lack of success in bowl games. BYU’s run defense has been much better than the passing D (not a hard task by any means), but I’m afraid Cal’s two outstanding rushers will wear us down. Cal is just...

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Ouch – Utes Pull Out a Win in Provo

Posted on Nov 19, 2005

The Utes showed up. I have to give them that. They also had a much better game plan that included throwing the ball against our under-sized, unskilled DBs. Ratliff…where did that guy come from? His completion percentage wasn’t great, but he did what he had to. Was anyone else shocked when Bronco went for it on 4th? That first half may have been the worst half of football I’ve seen at BYU. Everything went wrong. The second half comeback was impressive. After that first half I was happy just to keep it respectable. Well, now we can only hope for a bowl win and to see...

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Holy War

Posted on Nov 18, 2005

Blue vs. Red. How I love this rivalry. I can’t wait to take my seat in Lavell Edwards Stadium tomorrow wearing my good ol’ #8 jersey. This game should be interesting considering the Cougar defense knows nothing about the Yewts QB besides a couple of plays. Also, Gooch and Bills are out making our secondary even weaker. As much as I would like to see the Cougs drop 70 I think it will be closer than most think. BYU 38 Utah 17 Go Cougs!

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