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Posted on Dec 19, 2005

I posted on MyDataBook recently so I felt I should inform anyone considering an install that MDB2 has been released. You can check out the demo here (change log is also available). It’s a very useful tool if you like to manage your life online. However, I must warn you that it has no Outlook integration. Some of the new features include recurring reminders and events, customizable fields, and a much improved interface. If you have any more questions about the script or need help installing it let me know. Check out a screenshot. Updated 1/3/2005 – It would appear I need to do...

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Posted on Nov 25, 2005

I picked up Web Analytics Demystified by Eric Peterson the other day. This book came highly recommended and although I have not yet completed it, I strongly advise it to anyone interested in the field. I believe web analytics is a field that is mistakenly overlooked by small and mid-sized companies. Many businesses pay big bucks for search engine marketing. However, they have no plan once a visitor has entered the site. MidScape has recenly added web analytics services and can improve your ROI success. *More to come on web analytics as I come across topics of...

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Turkey Day SEO Tips

Posted on Nov 24, 2005

Tip – Make sure to take advantage of header tags by loading them with core keywords. Ex. – Within my H1, H2, or H3 tags I attempt to always include “Alex McArthur” and other category keywords on this site. Warning – Don’t use links within header tags. Matt Cutts, a google employee, warns against this practive. Happy Turkey Day. Have a safe holiday.

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