Utah SEO

I’m often asked which Utah SEO companies are the most reliable and provide results.  I created this in an effort to keep an updated reference as a starting point for my network.  If you have anything to add please comment or contact me.  I’m happy to add your company if it’s based in Utah and I know about you (fix that by taking me to lunch).  For now I’ve mainly listed companies I trust.  I’ll add more companies and information behind the companies as time permits.

*In no specific order, besides the obvious…


Yes, I’m a biased part of the crew.  SEO.com really takes the time to do things right and understand each unique success metric.  Many household names trust and continue to work with us.  Do your research and I think you’ll come to the same conclusion.  *Contact me directly and I can probably get you a deal or at least help decide if it’s a good fit.


I was with OS during the first three years of the company as VP of Search, and I have some great friends over there.  If your business matches the target small business client I think they’re a great option.  They’ve got some great partnerships that many agencies can only dream about.


I don’t know much about their client work, but I know Jordan and have met the rest of the staff at one trade show or another.  Great group – seriously, some great minds.  I don’t know how they handle it all from agency work to SEJ.


I’ve met Josh once or twice in the past and have followed a few of his blogs for quite some time now.  He definitely knows his stuff and will continue to do great things.


Even if you don’t use 97thFloor you should definitely check out BlvdStatus, a slick analytics package.  It has some unique features for rank tracking and social monitoring.

GrowaSite.com / Crexendo

Hopefully someday I meet someone over there, learn more about them and decide to give them the benefit of the doubt.  Until then, all that I know is that they have close ties to StoresOnline (I do know a few SO employees and they’ve only encouraged my doubt of Crexendo).  Do a search for the parent company and you tell me if they can be trusted.  Yikes – that’s as many bad reviews as AT&T and Comcast combined from a company a tiny fraction of the size.  They do so much advertising in Utah (billboards, Lavell Edwards Stadium, Energy Solutions Arena, etc) that I’m sure they’ll land a hefty amount of clients, especially with their “free seo training”.  These guys know how to sell.  Do they know SEO, though?

Companies to get to:




DIY SEO (do it yourself)

I’ll be honest, I have mixed opinions on DIY SEO.  I think there is a need for it, but it really has to be the right fit.  If you don’t understand SEO and can’t put in the time it won’t do anything besides ding your credit card.

*I’ve tried all of the following, but will get to actual reviews in the future.




DIYSEO, not in Utah, but worth checking out even though Aaron Wall shredded them.