Expired Domains … LinkTree.org?

Posted by on Dec 1, 2005 in Blog, Business, Domains, Internet, LinkTree.org, My Projects

I found the domain LinkTree.org on a deleted domain list and had to register it. I often browse deleted domains and very rarely find anything interesting. A couple times a week I’ll come across something I’d buy, but by the time it’s in my shopping cart someone else has registered it. Probably by chance I’ve spotted two great names this year that I now own.

Tools I use to find expired domains:

  • ExpiredDomains.com – Simple search interface for expiring domains. Basically a free service.
  • DeletedDomains.com – Expired domain search tool. Last year a signed up for an account with these guys when their were few comparable services. The cost was $99. I regret it now as free options have popped up over time, however none have the email update system DeletedDomains has.
  • Pool.com – This service is used to backorder domain names. This means if someone lets a domain you’ve backordered expire that pool will reserve it for you. First off, this service isn’t cheap at around $60 per successful backorder. Secondly, if anyone else has the domain backordered it will go to auction. I have a large list of backordered domains although I highly doubt any will ever get dropped by the owner. I have only 1 successful backorder to my name and it was for a client.

Back to the point…LinkTree.org. What does this name make you think of? I’d like to offer some sort of free service. Any thoughts?