Who’s the nerd now?!

Posted by on Jan 25, 2007 in Blog, Entertainment, Internet, Life

In the 80’s there were Star Wars/Star Trek nerds. In the 90’s the computer programmer nerds began to take over. Now what?

Where is the next generation? Did Nerds finally build the time machine or warp beam that would free them from this world?

According to some research (my highly tuned skill of observation) I’ve come to a more realistic conclusion. THEY ARE AMONG US. WE ARE THEM. Nerdom has evolved and dare I say become cool. Knowing the latest websites or how to program a functional website or app won’t get you stuffed in a locker anymore.

In the entertainment world shows such as LOST and 24 have taken over for the lack of Star Trek. These shows are more hip and appeal to more of the population, but still draw in flocks of those utilizing the power of the pocket protector. However, I wouldn’t rule out that this guy led the Nerds to paradise with his new time machine.